How to share a Dashboard

Learn how to share your Dashboard with members of your company

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Create and share a useful Dashboard with our coworkers

If you think the information contained in your Dashboard can be of use to the rest of your team, from now on you’ll be able to share a copy of it with your colleagues. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Dashboard on the left blue column and then click on the Share Dashboard button on the right.

2. Click to select Recipients in your company.

3. You can leave the default option to activate the Dashboard as a daily newsletter your colleagues, who will receive a copy of the dashboard as a daily mail, or you may choose to turn it off. 

4. You can notify recipients about the shared dashboard and add a comment for them.

5. You’re ready to share! Click on the Share button to send a copy of your dashboard.

Learn how to create a Dashboard and personalize its content here.    





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