What is a Dashboard?

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The dashboard is a space created by you in which you will only read what interests you about the topics you choose. You can get updates on news, data, companies and projects belonging to the same country or related to the same topic.

How to create a new Dashboard?

To create a new one, click on the dashboard section of the side menu, then select 'Add dashboard' and 3 options will appear: 

  • Create a blank space that you can configure manually.

  • Create one from a search term. 

  • Create a dashboard by selecting a them.

How to add content from news, projects, companies, people, reports or data?

Use the content search filters until you get the list of news, reports, people, etc., that you would like to add to the dashboard.

Right there, in the upper right corner, you will get the 'Add to dashboard' button, click and select the dashboard where you want to save your search and a new widget with your choice will be created. 

Keep in mind: your dashboard updates are the heart of your newsletter. Learn how to customize what you read in your newslettter here.

Watch a video on how dashboards and widgets work:

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