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Save Reading Time with BNamericas AI for Reports
Save Reading Time with BNamericas AI for Reports

A new tool that will answer your questions about our reports, saving you time in reading and analysis.

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Reduce Your Analysis Time

BNamericas AI is a tool designed to facilitate content exploration in our reports, allowing you to gain more value with less effort. This generative artificial intelligence will interpret your questions about a specific report and instantly respond to expedite the understanding and interpretation of the information contained within them.

BNamericas AI will enable you to obtain the main indicators, variables, trends, and conclusions prepared by our experts in seconds, without the need to review all the content. Additionally, you can copy or download a Word document with the response to use it later.

Examples of Questions You Can Ask

To get the most out of this tool, here is a list of questions that BNamericas AI can answer:

  • What indicators are mentioned in the report?

  • What trends are mentioned in the report?

  • Can you write an email addressed to my boss with a summary of the report?

  • Can you identify which companies will invest the most in <sector> during 2024?

  • Can you identify which countries will invest the most in <sector> during 2024?

  • Does the report mention <specific query>?

Reduce your reading time and instantly get relevant information about our Reports with BNamericas AI!

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