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The content that interests you all in one place: Get to know the Homepage
The content that interests you all in one place: Get to know the Homepage

Gain a comprehensive view of information relevant to you.

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With our Homepage, you can view the BNamericas content adjusted to your preferences in a single section.

This new section will be divided into three columns:

  1. Left Column

This column is dedicated to displaying the content preferences you have selected. Here, you can change your countries and industries of interest. Additionally, you will have a space where you can directly access the questions you have asked through the Ask Us tool.

  1. Center Column

The central section of the Homepage. Here, you will see new or updated content that has been created since your last visit to the platform. The information will be grouped into News, Projects, and Companies, and for each grouping, you can view their details and access the content.

There will also be the News and Updates Feed, where you can access a list of News, Projects, and Companies related to your preferences that have been created or updated from the most recent to the oldest.

  1. Right Column

In this section, you will find the "Most Viewed" section, which will display content with the highest views that align with your preferences and have an age of less than or equal to two months.

Below, there will be the Reports section, a space to review reports that are relevant to your interests.

All the information that appears on the Homepage will change as BNamericas content is published or updated, or if you decide to change your preferences for sectors and countries of interest.

View all the content of your interest and save time with the new Homepage!

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