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A platform tailored to you with Custom Sections
A platform tailored to you with Custom Sections

Save time and find exactly what you need.

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Previously, your preferences were defined in the initial account settings, where you created specific filters to find information of interest. However, the filters were not changed automatically, and you had to update them one by one or create new filters to find the content you were interested in.

Now, viewing the content that fits your preferences will be easier and faster.

With the new Custom Sections you will no longer need to create filters in each section to find the information you need, as this will be done automatically in the initial configuration process when you start using the platform.

It Will be configured so that only information is displayed according to your preferences. And every time you want to change your preferences you will only have to do it in one place so that this change is reflected in all sections.

What content will be personalized?

This change will be present in the following sections and also in the existing subsections within them:

  • Home Page

  • News

  • Projects

  • Companies

  • Reports

  • People

  • Data sets

How can I change my preferences?

If you want to modify the topics shown, you can do so in the Settings/Preferences section or in the new Home Section.

When customizing your platform, whether at the beginning or later, you must be clear about the areas of opportunity that interest you by selecting countries and sectors. Remember to also define your preferred language.

What will happen to the filters you already had?

Existing filters will remain available so you can use them to complement your searches.

Get the information you need simply and quickly with Custom Sections!

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