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Take a look at the future of projects with Forecast
Take a look at the future of projects with Forecast

Get to see consolidated information about future stages of projects.

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Forecast is a feature specially designed for users looking for information on future stages of projects, allowing them to perfectly time their offering of products and services. The data is shown in consolidated view, with project details grouped in a special section.

The tool shows aggregated information of future key dates for the selected type of projects. This information is a datapoint in our profiles that did not previously have a space where it could be clearly displayed.

You can access Forecast by clicking on the dropdown menu in the Projects section.

How can I configure Forecast to see the projects that interest me?

To use this new functionality and find the projects of your interest, you must follow the following steps:

1. Complete the Sector, Stage, area, State and Type filters

2. Review the list of projects that meet the conditions you indicated

The list of projects appears below the leading table.

3. Specify your search with “Show Only”

You can select the "Show Only" box to display the projects developed during a certain period of time.

4. Narrow your search

If after applying the filters you do not see the project of your interest, you can use the search engine within Forecast.

Below the main filters you will see a magnifying glass, where you can write a specific criteria by which you want the list obtained to be filtered again.

After applying it, you will be able to see the projects that meet the initial filters plus the text criteria that you entered in the Forecast search engine.

Finally, if you want to cross-reference the data obtained in Forecast, you can download the results to an Excel file.

With this new tool we hope that you can get your next business opportunities in a space specially designed for your business needs.

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