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Obtain customized data with Custom Files
Obtain customized data with Custom Files

Access the information you need in the format and frequency you prefer.

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“Custom Files” is a service designed for users who require BNamericas’ data in a special format, such as Excel or CSV.

How to request these files?

On the left-hand sidebar, you'll find the Custom Files section, where you can generate a request by clicking the 'Request a Call' button, and our account executives will promptly get in touch to schedule a meeting, which will also involve a member of the Content team.

This way, we will thoroughly understand your request to provide you with more accurate information

If you can't find this option on your screen, contact your Account Manager to activate it.

When using this feature, it is important that you be specific in your request. The more precise your request is, the faster you can get your file. Databases without established filter criteria will not be delivered.

We will contact you to schedule a meeting with your account executive and a member of our Content team to understand in detail the information you need and if it is feasible to provide it to you.

Once your file is ready, you will receive an email notification indicating that it is ready to download.

Who can benefit from "Custom Files"?

This service is intended for users who need a specific part of our data to use in other tools or who want to filter and combine the information in a way that the platform does not allow.

Please note that Custom Files, like all BNamericas information, are provided under our Terms of Service. This means that redistribution of data to people who are not part of the subscription is not allowed, and all data must be deleted at the end of the subscription, among other restrictions.

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