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Get the information you need with the Ask Us tool
Get the information you need with the Ask Us tool

Now it’s easier than ever to contact our editors!

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Have any doubts or need additional information about our content? With Ask Us, you can request a follow-up or more details about the news, reports, data, and project and company profiles published by BNamericas on a daily basis.

You’ll find the Ask Us button on the top right corner of our content pages. Click on the button, and we’ll guide you through the brief and simple process.

How to get the most out of Ask Us

Be specific: To get the most out of this tool, and the quickest response, be as specific as you can about the information you need.

Start in the right place: If you need information about a company, agency or organization, file the Ask Us in the corresponding company profile page.

One question at a time: If you need information about three different projects, file three different Ask Us, one in each project profile page. Likewise, if you have three different questions about the same project, file three different Ask Us. This will ensure the quickest reply from our editorial team, which gives itself a maximum of five business days to reply with an answer.

Example of a News Ask Us

Content: Argentine oil export requests climb, Neuquén shale drillers power growth

Ask Us: Thanks for this article. I was wondering if you can please explain the factors that determine the domestic price (which you say here was around US$63/b) and why companies don't try to export more given the price difference? What mechanism is in place to prevent them? Thank you

Example of a Company Ask Us

Ask Us: Hello team! Would it be possible to request an update on this company's key contacts? We would like to understand if there has been any change in the Company's management after the conclusion of its acquisition by Lithium Americas Corp.

Example of a Contact Ask Us

Ask Us: Good morning, can you please help me find procurement contacts in this company? They can be from Honduras, where the project is being developed, or people in the headquarters in Japan.

Example of a Project Ask Us

Ask Us: Hello, good morning. We want to know how advanced this project is and at what stage it is today, since the project was sold. We need to know the status. Thanks.

How to track your Ask Us queries

You’ll receive the answers to your Ask Us submissions – or a request to clarify or be more specific if the question is unclear – by email, and you can also check for replies on the top right corner of our platform, where you’ll find the Your Questions button. Here, your queries are filtered by type of content (news, projects, people, datasets).

On the content page where you filed the Ask Us you’ll also find a tab called Notes and Questions where your queries are stored.

Now it’s easier than ever to contact our editors! Take advantage of this tool and get the up-to-date information you need to meet your goals.

Do you any questions? Feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager.

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