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As of June 10, our Project Tracker tool will be called Pipeline.

The name change comes with some improvements that are going to impact how you use this tool. Pipeline will be more flexible and easier to use.

As a Project Tracker user, we can assure you that your information will not be lost.

These are the main changes:

  • The new tool will allow you to manage both projects and companies.

  • All the projects and companies you follow will automatically appear in your new Pipeline. Do you want to add another project or another company? You just have to start following it!

  • You will receive notifications about changes in all the projects and companies in your Pipeline.

  • As in the previous version, you will still be able to change the status of your projects and companies by dragging them to the corresponding column.

  • When visiting a project profile, we will tell you if it requires any of the products and services you offer. Simply follow it to add it to your pipeline.

What will happen to your current opportunities?

Your current opportunities will appear in your new Pipeline under the name of the company that is involved in the opportunity.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager.

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