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Learn how to use the general text finder in BNamericas

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The BNamericas general search engine is a tool in the top bar that is present throughout the platform.

Just type in your search term and press 'Enter' or click the blue button with the magnifying glass.

You will be redirected to a general search page that looks like this:

Your results will be organized according to the priority level determined by our algorithm. We are making constant improvements to our search engine; our artificial intelligence system learns every day to detect better results for our users. 


Results are classified by categories. You will see all the results grouped in the 'All' tab.

Save Filters and Recent Searches

You can use the 'Save filters' button to use the same search parameters next time. The saved filters will be stored on the right-hand column, as will the last 5 searches you performed, under 'Recent searches.'

Search-based suggestions

Our search engine detects any errors in the searched term and can suggest results based on the right spelling.

Search operator with quotes " "

You can type a term using quotes to get results that literally match what you're looking for. Results that are not a complete match will be listed lower in your search results.

Turn your searches into filters

You can continue to refine your search results by using filters.

On your search results page, click on one of the category tabs. In the example below we entered the search term "Codelco" and clicked on the Reports tab.

You’ll notice that the 'Go to Reports' button appears next to the 'Save filters' button. Just click on it and you'll reach the Reports section of the platform with a text filter applied.

This functionality is enabled on the News, Projects, People, Companies, Reports and Datasets tabs. Just follow the same steps.

If you have questions or comments on how to use BNamericas tools, write to us at and we will gladly assist you. 

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