You can personalize and save each of your searches with the advanced filters. Also, you can get notifications about changes in those search results.

 1. Go to the search engine. You can access this from the top bar or from the search bar in the News and Data home page

2. Click the "View All Filters" button to narrow your search. The first thing you can define is the type of content, for example Company Profile.

Then you can do the same in the following tabs to choose what sectors or countries you want to see. In this example we have chosen Electric Power in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

To narrow down your selection, you can use the search by keyword. Groups and subgroups are available for each sector. When you choose one group you select all the subgroups contained in it. Or you can choose just one type of generation, in this case, Electric power equipment.

Finally, you can also filter by general keywords. These are available for all sectors. 

 You can customize your search using some or all of these filters.

3. Once you have defined the parameters, click on "Apply Filters". You will see a list of all the words you have chosen, with their results. If you want to remove any of the words click on the "x" on the right side and it will disappear. If you want to remove all of them, you can do so with the button "Remove all". 

 4. Save your search. When you are satisfied with the search parameters you have set, click "Save search".

Here you can choose to receive notifications when there is a new result. 

Any searches you have saved will be available in the "Saved Searches" tab.

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