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Tips to personalize your experience
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If you drag a widget on the edge of the corners, you can expand the size and adjust it the way you want it inside your dashboard. All surrounding widgets will automatically move to adapt to the new size. Drag and arrange as you wish to have a 100% customized view. You can configure the contents of a widget, duplicate or delete it .

Create an effective newsletter

Receive in your mail a summary of what interests you at the right time. In each widget’s configuration you can check the 'Add to the newsletter' box so that you decide what you want to read in your inbox.

Follow the latest political event in your country live every afternoon, or receive a summary of updates of electrical transmission projects on Fridays before leaving the office. Each newsletter is based on what you have on your dashboard so you never miss any news.


Create as many dashboards as you want. Modify the title of your dashboard by clicking on the pencil icon at the top.

Reorder the list of dashboards in the left sidebar by dragging the elements. 

Make your favorite dashboard appear at the start: use the ‘Mark as main’ option to select the dashboard of your choice.

Why is it better to use more than one dashboard? 

  • Organize your information in different spaces by themes: Choose a country, a sector, type of content and give your dashboard a title. See everything related to a topic with news, graphics and more.

  • Choose to see everything in its place: Create a dashboard for your contact lists and companies, one for news and others to follow up on your recent searches.

  • Create a dashboard for each department of your company: Follow specific content of interest for each area of your staff. Classify and plan your strategies by sector.

Customize side menu

Drag the elements of the side menu to reorder them. This way, you can leave the content that you read first so you always have your favorite options at hand.


Control the information that appears in your searches in 'Companies', 'Projects' and 'People'. Click on the Personalize Columns icon at the top of the section to choose which columns are useful for you. Drag them to change the order and hide or show them clicking on the eye icon.

Hide the information that does not interest you and use the list of data that works for your company. 

Select the key information for your search and order it according to your priorities.

Display options

Explore the results of your searches with the comfort offered by our multiple views.

In the sections 'People' and 'Companies' are two display options: 'List' allows to see the elements organized in columns and 'Grid' makes the basic information of the elements visible within cards or grids. 

In the 'Projects' section, in addition to the 'List' option, you can view projects on a 'Map', with geolocated elements throughout Latin America. 

 You can also click on 'Insights' to obtain detailed information about your search, such as graphs and tables of projects by stage, capex and a ranking of countries.

Once you select a view option it will remain until you change it.


Get updates on what you're interested in with notifications. Use the 'Follow' button on any news, project, company, report, data set or person and you will get an alert whenever there is a related novelty or change. You can modify the frequency and type of notifications you want to receive from the 'Email Settings' menu.


Control when and how you will receive news in your mail. Each time you add a widget to your dashboard, in the widget settings you can activate or deactivate the box that automatically adds the new updates to your newsletter. Click here to learn how to change the frequency with which you receive a newsletter.

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