How to configure my newsletter?
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Access the 'Preferences' menu located in the sidebar on the left. Then click on 'Email settings'. You can configure:

Daily Newsletter

Choose the time you want to receive your newsletter and select one of your dashboards to receive that information in the mail. You can customize it by changing the settings of the widgets. 

Each dashboard will arrive as a separate mail and you can choose different times of the day. 

  • For example, you can choose if you want to receive your newsletter late in the afternoon, during midday or in the mornings, 

  • While in a second newsletter you can choose to receive updates of changes in projects in your country once a week on Fridays. 

You can choose up to two newsletters from two different dashboards.

Remember to save the changes!

Daily newsletter of commodities (LME)

Mark the box if you want to receive our daily commodities bulletin, or uncheck to unsubscribe.

Follow-up notifications

Choose the frequency of your notifications. To get notifications, you must follow projects, news, companies, people, reports or data sets. Remember that weekly notifications are sent on Monday at 8:30 AM GTM.

Here's a video on how to customize the newsletter:

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