What is a Widget?

Personalize your dashboards with the content you want to view

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Select, filter and customize. Widgets are small windows on your dashboard with which you will follow updates of your searches on general or specific topics. You can even decide if you want to receive updates in your newsletter.

How to create a new widget?

Enter your dashboard and click on the 'Add widget' button, select the category you want and it will appear on your dashboard. If you drag its corners, you can expand the size and adjust it as you want.

I want to edit the content of my widgets

Click on the icon located in the lower left corner of a widget to edit its content. A window will open where you can add, edit and delete search filters. In addition, you can choose to add that content to your personalized newsletter.

The newsletter will be sent according to the dashboard you chose, and you can define which widgets to include. Learn more about the newsletter here.

Watch a video on how the dashboards and widgets work:

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