How can I log in?
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Access to and follow these steps to log in to BNamericas:

  1. Enter your email in the sign-in field and click the 'Access' button.

  2. Open the link that will arrive at your email inbox. If you do not receive a link, please check the spam folder.

  3. The link will take you to your dashboard. Your session will remain open unless you delete your browser's cache or log in via a third device.

Access from a second device

It is possible to keep the session you started on your personal laptop and at the same time keep a session open from an office computer or your smartphone. If you add a third device, the session on the first device, where you accessed your account, will be closed.

Please keep in mind that your link expires after one hour from the moment it was sent. This way your account stays safe and your data protected.

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