The set tool allows you to track and analyze the most relevant projects and companies for your business.

With this tool you can group profiles according to your interests; get notifications when there are changes or updates to the profiles; analyze them, and quickly access them from the Companies and Project Dashboard. 

You can create sets through basic or advanced filters, or manually

By filters

Filter sets work automatically, showing all available information according to parameters you have set, such as sector, country, category of services, and keywords.

To begin, select the sector and then the country.

Then you can choose industry keywords. Each group has subgroups available.

General keywords are also available. These apply independently of the sector.

Choose a name for this set and click on "Create Set". Doing so will make the set appear on the left column of the screen next to the others you have created.

Edit set contents

To edit your sets, both for companies and projects, click on the set in question and go to the edit filters button.

Clicking on it will bring up the same advanced filters window, with your selection. Here, make the edits you want and click on "Edit set".


These sets group all the profiles you have selected. To start, choose a name for it. Next, search by name the companies or projects that you want to include in this list.

When finished, click on "Load Set". It will appear on the left column, next to the other sets.

Edit the contents of the sets

To edit these sets, use the Add and Delete buttons.

Use the Add button to add more companies or projects to the set

To delete one, select it from the list and click on the trash icon.

You can also edit the content available in each set with the Column tool.

Choose which columns you want to see and customize your panel.

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