The ability to download content depends on the section of the website that you are browsing.

Companies and Projects

In these sections you can download the data from the main panels or profiles.

Downloading the panels works based on the columns. To do so, click on Download and you will have two options. You can choose from the available formats, and download the displayed or all available columns.

In the profiles, the download option is available for each element. You can choose between XLS and PDF.


Data sets are available for download in various formats. You can do this from the Data feed or from the data set itself.

Intelligence Series and Operator Series

All reports are available for download in PDF version. Click on the report and choose that option.

To access this option, you must have access to the reports.

Risk - Company Dashboard

Here you can download the list of projects that have PRA with all your key information. It is available in CSV and PDF.

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