As a subscriber you have access to a complete view of what is happening in your industry through our daily newsfeed. Get access to new business opportunities with an on-the-ground perspective. 

Some of the key functions of our newsfeed are:

  1. Notifications. Select a news article that interests you. When there is an update on it, we will alert you.
  2. Add it to your bookmarks. Save the article as a favorite to return to it later.
  3. Share. You can send it to other subscribers or external users.
  4. Create notes. You can create private or shared notes to highlight a datapoint or news development.
  5. If you have any questions or wish to obtain more information, you can use the Ask Us function.
  6. Share the news on social media or print out the articles.
  7. Obtain more context about the article by using our news timeline.
  8. Find more interesting content through related news and content included in each article. 

Furthermore, if you want to read more content by the reporter who wrote the article, click on their name to access their story archive. 

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